Lúčanský Waterfall – The 13-meter-high cascade Waterfall Lúčanky falling to the lake from the edge of travertine terrace is a national natural heritage site. The waterfall shows a different form of its beauty in every season of the year and because it never freezes (thanks to hot spa springs that flow into it), we can admire it all year round.

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Liptovský Ján

The Natural Crater “Kaďa” – It is the place where you can swim all year round in mineral and thermal waters. Next to the natural crater there is a hollowed out lake created by three originally separated sources springing out of the earth. The depth of the lake is 0.5 – 1.5m. The water temperature is 16 – 23 ºC.

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Slovakia – The Crossroad

With our events you can taste the history of Slovakia. Slovakia located in the hearth of Europe was on the crossroads of the old trade routes that influenced our gastronomy. Some of the famous trade routes that used to pass through our country were the JANTÁROVÁ CESTA (south to north) and the SILK ROAD (from the Far East). During our tasting events you will experience our history in its modern form made with good quality local ingredients.
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Slovak wine-growing tradition

With us you can explore rural vineyards and wine cellars of the wine-growing regions of Hont and Novohrad in the Central Slovakia. We will also visit the town of Pukanec, that belongs to the Nitra wine area – Tekov historical region. This is the best place to visit the original tuff wine cellars. These cellars were carved into tuff stone – a type of rock made of volcanic ash. You will be introduced to the wine-growing traditions of each of the Slovakia’s six wine regions. Each of them has its own peculiarities.

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