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Wine tasting

Tasting of region´s wine. You can read about traditional wine´s in my blog.

Tasting of traditional liquors

The beverages are produced with the care of local artisans from traditional Slovak fruits – grapes, plums, apricots, pears, peaches, berries. All liquors are original and natural distillates without any artificial flavors or additives.

Tasting of region´s cheese

Together, we will see and taste cheese in different stages of aging. The cheese tasting will be accompanied with carefully selected wine to match the cheese degustation by the local expert viticulturist.

Tasting of traditional Slovak cuisine

Gastronomical treat that traces the historical development of Slovak cuisine. This multi-course meal consists of samples of historical meals prepared in modern way.

Folklore music

A traditional folklore music and dance group provides entertainment during the event.

Interactive workshop of traditional cultural heritage

Discover in an interactive way the Slovak traditional music, instruments and dance. Try and play on traditional music instruments such as shepherd’s pipe, whistle, and bagpipes. Learn how to dance traditional “karička”, “čardáš”, “starobabská”, “goralský tanec”, “mužské čapáše”, “šorový”, and “mojše”.

You may combine the offered services according to your wishes. Price according to selected services.

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